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At J W Ruhl Landscape Services, Inc. we’ve been creating beautiful landscapes for our customers since 1986, and are experts in the field. One of the skills that we have developed over the years is implementing landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is often the missing element in a nearly perfect landscape. In fact, it can make or break a beautiful landscape design. We have worked on a variety of landscape lighting projects ranging from lighting newly installed landscape beds to outdoor patio lighting.

Landscape LightingOne often-overlooked benefit of landscape lighting is that it can provide illumination for safety reasons. Patios and walkways may become cluttered with furniture or toys, which pose a safety threat at night. In addition, rock gardens and uneven ground can be difficult to navigate in the dark. Adding outdoor lighting around your house and yard allows you to see changing terrain or obstacles, regardless of the time of day.

Landscape lighting is most often used to accent your home and landscape. Whether you are seeking an elegant, artistic, classic, or modern landscape lighting design, our team at J W Ruhl Landscape Services, Inc. is happy to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We strive to provide our clients with individualized, original lighting design plans that deliver total satisfaction.

Because we are a full service company, we assist not only with landscape lighting design, but also installation. We can install and replace a variety of outdoor lighting systems. In addition, we can perform maintenance on existing landscape lighting. Whatever your needs, our team at J W Ruhl Landscape Services, Inc. is pleased to help.

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